Why Should You Care About Global Trade?

Why Should You Care About Global Trade ? Not to sound cliche, but with the internet, the world is at our fingertips! That means that business wise businesses are more interconnected than ever. As business owners it is imperative to have a global vision. That is a vision that allows you to react to international […]

Do You Know Your Market?

Do You Know Your Market? Everyone loves bargains! You love bargains! I love bargains! Everyone loves bargains! Businesses and consumers alike want to buy the best quality products, services, and materials at the lowest price possible. Within the free market, this desire creates competition among businesses that is leveraged by the demands of the consumers.  […]

Unemployment and the Nation’s Economy

When elections come around, terms like unemployment start showing up. Did the unemployment rate increase during the presidency of the current president? Did it decrease? Did the political party have a positive influence on the economy? Did it not? All these questions tend to become prominent around election time. But why? Is there a relationship […]