Digital Marketing Strategy Tips You Need to Evaluate Your Strategy

Are you looking for ways to evaluate your digital marketing strategy? This article will show you the best ways to evaluate your current strategy.

How to Set Up Pricing that Wins Customer and Delivers Value

So you’ve built your business, and now you are wondering how much you should be charging for your products or services. You want to set up your pricing in a way that is fair for you and for your customer. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, would you buy a product that you feel is […]

Writing a Vision and Mission Statement

If you’ve talked to almost anyone in business, you’ve probably heard of the importance of having a mission and vision statement. You may have even developed these statements. In this article we will talk about writing and bettering your vision and mission for your organization. Vision Statement A vision statement can be such a buzzword […]

5 Factors that Affect Demand

So we are in a pandemic, the economy has been hit pretty bad. People just aren’t buying as much! The pandemic created a domino effect, to understand that domino effect we have to understand demand. What is Demand?  We cannot understand the factors that affect demand, if we do not know what demand is. So, […]