Should I Build My Own Website?

Websites, it seems like every business has one and for good reason too! Now it’s time for you to join the bandwagon; it is time for you to build a website. The question that follows is usually “can I build my own website? Or should I get someone else to do it? 


Well, in all honesty there are some great website builders out there that make it possible for you to build and design your own website; however, there is one thing to keep in mind: commitment. When most business owners embark on this journey, they don’t realize how much of a time commitment it actually takes to build a website especially for someone who is unfamiliar with the platform. 

My objective is not to scare you, but to tell you the truth. Even though a lot of these website builders provide the template for a website to be successfully used, it takes a lot of writing, arranging, and rearranging. 

With that in mind, the answer to your question is “yes!” you can absolutely build your own website should you like to invest your time into it. 


So now that you are certain that you can build your own website, let’s go through the ways in which you can do that, and some tips that will help you along the way. 

The first method, which is truthfully the road less traveled on, is to build your website from scratch by learning how to code, and by studying user experience and designing based on these standards. This however, is a very lengthy process as it requires you learning HTML, JavaScrip, Python, and the like. CodeAcademy might be a good place to start.

Another option would be not to start completely from scratch, but purchase a template and recode using it as a base. 

Now most likely if you are a business owner then you don’t have much time to worry about learning how to code. Luckly, you have other options. These are website builders that give you a set of tools that provide you with a relative freedom to create the website you’d like to have. For example, you can use WordPressWixWeebly, WebflowElementorDivi, and the likes. 

Some of these are additions to WordPress that will help you create your WordPress site with ease. Typically these services offer a free domain that includes their business name so that you can give their website builders a try. This means that the website will host your website for free so long as their company name is part of your domain name. For example These types of websites may be a good way to start and continue depending on your goal for your website. However, I do not highly recommend them if you are looking to scale your website, and if you are looking for consistent branding. 

If you opt not to with the preselected free hosting service, you can choose one of their packages. They usually offer different packages depending on the end goal of your website. They typically range between $100-$300 a year. Don’t quote me on that, as Boutique Digital Marketing is not associated with these businesses, I am simply giving you a general idea. 

Additional Information 

Builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly usually have a host of pre-designed templates that you could customize to fit your business needs. For a greater variety, you can also browse websites like where you can search for more suitable pre-design packages that make your website stand out.

These customizable themes are usually geared towards WordPress. Here it is important to note that WordPress has two components one that is open source and downloadable on your server, which is, and, which is a subscription based website builder. If you are looking to download a theme on, then you will have to pay for the premium packages in order for you to upload and customize the themes. However, if you are using then you are free to upload these themes and customize them without any subscription. 

There are benefits to using either. You just have to figure out which one is better for you. Keep in mind though that among all the website builders, WordPress is the most intricate and requires the most time and effort. 

If you are building an Ecommerce website, there is a service that you might want to consider. That is It is relatively easy to use, and it is built in a way that facilitates the use of credit cards. Like the other website builders, Shopify also has several pricing options that you can choose from. 

Now that you know all this information, it is easier for you to choose whether you would like to build your own website or have someone build it for you. 

Can you do it? 


Should you do it?

That depends on whether you have the knowledge and the time. Keep in mind that even with the DIY website builders, the website building process is in deed time consuming.

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