How Teams Affect Growth/ The digital marketing Channels You Should Be Using

How Your Team Affects Your Growth

Do you ever feel like your employees are lacking in motivation? You’re not alone, but there might be a solution that could help you.

You should consider changing your organizational structure into a team-based structure. Using these types of structures can help increase motivation and efficiency in the workplace.

In this podcast we will discuss the following:

  • Understanding group behaviors
  • Group divisions
  • Tips for growth

The Social Media Channels Should You Be Using for Your Business

Ever being confused about which channels you should be advertising through?

Well, you are not alone.

In the second segment of our podcast we focus on things you should consider when choosing the right channels as well as some of the different options available. 

Interview with Roland Bachoura 

Roland is an entrepreneur with several businesses in Souther California including jewelry, real estate, and music. 1