Writing a Mission and Vision Statement / What is in a domain name?/ Interview with Layal Sarieddine

In this episode we interview the founder of Labne By Lulu, and we discuss ways of writing a mission and vision statement, and the importance of a domain name, 

Vision Statement

A vision statement can be such a buzzword in today’s business world, so it may seem like this big confusing thing; however, it is actually quite simple. A vision statement is the company’s outlook for its future. In other words, where is the company headed?

Mission Statement Your mission statement differs from a vision statement in that it provides tangible goals to abstract concepts. It defines the product or service you are offering, as well as your target market. It also identifies the problem or passion that your company focuses on.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name you choose to use for your website. For example at  Boutique Digital Marketing, our domain name is Boutiquedigitalmarketing.com. Although ours does, your domain name does have to be the same as your business and it does not have to end with .com, it could end with other things like .org or .net. If you do decide to deviate from .com, keep in mind that, due to its popularity, most people end up typing .com anyways.

No matter which one you choose to go with, the domain name should be related in a way that people can easily link it back to your business and its functions.