What is a Customer Journey?/Should You Invest in a Franchise?

This episode are discussing:  – What is a customer journey? -Should you invest in  a franchise  -Interview with Augusto Valverde from Global Child  

Understanding Your Customer Behaviors / Should You Form a Corporation ?

In this episode we discuss the following topics:  – Understanding your customer needs and behaviors  – Forming a corporation – Interview with founder of Streamers N Balloons – Rosette Haggar 

Effective Marketing Strategy/Creating a Partnership

In this episode we will discuss: – Effective Marketing  Strategy -Creating a Partnership – Interview with Ursula El Hage from USJ

SEO Content Marketing + Owning Your Own Business

In this week’s episode we will be talking about: 1. Should You Alone Own Your Business? 2. What is SEO Content, and How Could You Use It to Increase Traffic to Your Website? 3. Interview with Elias Makhoul on their family business Papa Mak’s