How Teams Affect Growth/ The digital marketing Channels You Should Be Using

How Your Team Affects Your Growth Do you ever feel like your employees are lacking in motivation? You’re not alone, but there might be a solution that could help you. You should consider changing your organizational structure into a team-based structure. Using these types of structures can help increase motivation and efficiency in the workplace. […]

Making a Lasting Impression/The Four Types of Planning

In this episode we talk about   The four Types of Planning Strategic Tactical Operational Contingency Making a Lasting Impression  Do you want people to purchase your product or service? Yes! Well, you need to create a message that would entice the customer to make the purchase. This doesn’t mean you lie to them to […]

8 Ways to Better Manage a Small Business/ How to Design an Award-Winning Service

Join us on this week’s episode where Rita Saikal provides insight on how to better manage a small business, and how to design an award-winning service.  Also joining us this week is Dr. Mike Daher owner of Pax Pharmacy to give us his insight on owning a pharmacy business. 

Are you Looking for a job? / How to market your product

In this episode we talk abut things you should know if you are looking for a job. We also talk about marketing your products, and we give an example of a good case study.