Why Should You Segment Your Market / 10 questions part 2

In this episode we discuss thee following:  – Why you should segment  your market  -10 Questions every entrepreneur should ask themself part 2 – Interview with Pamhidzai Mbanga  

Benefits of Customer Loyalty/ 10 Questions that Entrepreneurs Should Be Asking Themselves Part 1

In this episode we discuss: – The benefits of customer loyalty  – 5 of the 10 questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves  – Interview with Paul Batta 

What is a Customer Journey?/Should You Invest in a Franchise?

This episode are discussing:  – What is a customer journey? -Should you invest in  a franchise  -Interview with Augusto Valverde from Global Child  

Understanding Your Customer Behaviors / Should You Form a Corporation ?

In this episode we discuss the following topics:  – Understanding your customer needs and behaviors  – Forming a corporation – Interview with founder of Streamers N Balloons – Rosette Haggar