Building a Dream Team Interview with Julie Latouf

Do you struggle with building a dream team for your company? Do you struggle with finding the right clients?  If so, this episode is for you! You don’t want to miss this episode with the experienced entrepreneur founder of Leaders Beyond Cedars, and Cofounder of Box for Health, Julie Lattouf!  

5 Factors that Affect Demand/ Things to know Before Making a Digital Marketing Strategy / Michelle Person

Things to know Before Making a Digital Marketing Strategy Digital marketing has a lot of new and fancy tools that you may want to explore, but before you do that, you will need to go back to the basics. One of the most basic and fundamental notions of digital marketing and marketing in general is […]

Understanding Opportunity Cost + Interview with Shatoria Teague

If you have a business, then you probably have a certain budget to operate by. This budget has its constraints that may be a little confusing. In this article we clarify and simplify these constraints so that you can run your business in most efficient way possible. This podcast will discuss: What is an opportunity […]

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated/Can Customers Access Your Services

In the first part of this week’s show we will talk about how to motivate your employees so that they enjoy working with you!  How to Keep Your Employees Motivated – Intro – You may be feeling like your employees are lacking motivations. If that is the case, you are probably wondering what it is […]